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Why Serbia?
Selection criteria
Do you want to play soccer and get paid for it?
yes, DRaft me
My name is Alex and I am the
co-founder of DraftMe agency.

We organize trials in search of talent and work with big players and clubs.
More details in my account and in the agency's account.
In almost 6 years of work we have employed dozens of players of different levels together with our partners.

Fresh big transfer - Babicka from Aris to Toulouse for 2.75M euros - the biggest transfer in the history of Cyprus.
June 15
June 29
Trials in Serbia
Dates from June 15 to June 29 + a few weeks for players before signing a contract, who will be selected by the clubs and involved in the preparation for the season at the end of the trial.
June 29
Why Serbia?
Because Serbia views and sells the most players in Europe.
At this trial the free agent team that I plan to put together will play against professional teams from Serbia and Bosnia to show themselves, their abilities and to qualify for a contract in one of the 30-40 clubs from different countries that will be preparing for the season in Zlatibor.
Zero Block
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create your own block from scratch
2 weeks of preparation
Games against the pros
Recording of all games, making cut-ups
Meals, lodging, uniforms, training
Scouts, agents, coaches at the games and watching your games on tape
The trial contains:
The goal of the trial is to find as many interesting players as possible from under-explored markets and give them a chance to prove themselves at a high level with the possibility of signing a contract.