Trial camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina
If you want to find a club and show your skills to the agents, managers and scouts from European, Balkans and possibly USA clubs — it's your chance!
For clubs is to find new players for the winter transfer window. In particular, Mladen Obrenovic will select players for his team
For the players to show themselves and signed a contracts.
Main goal?
From 20 till 22 of December 2021
Country — Bosnia and Herzegovina
City — Bijeljina
Hotel — Etno Selo Stanisici 5*
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Who selects players?

The Agents, managers and scouts from this clubs are ready to watch at the palyers from this trial camp:

1st division of Bosnia:

  • NK TOSK Tesanj, Gosk Gabela, FK "Igman Konjic", NK Bratstvo Gracanica, FK "Sloboda Novi Grad", FK "Sutjeska Foca", FK "Omarska", FK "Zeljeznicar Banja Luka", FK "Zvijezda 09", FK "Krupa na Vrbasu"

Major league of Bosnia:

  • FK "Leotar Trebinje", FK "Radnik Bijeljina", FK "Velez Mostar", FK "Zeljeznicar Sarajevo"

Major league of Serbia:

  • FK "Radnicki Nis", FK "Mladost Lucani" and others
How to get to join?
Leave the request on this web-site
What's the role of DraftMe?
We are an experienced scouting platform that helps collect players for clubs from all over the world
Mladen Obrenovic
Scouting coordinator of FC "Zvezda 09" (Bosnia and Herzegovina premier league) also former Serbia team coach.
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
League: Premier
This is not football tourism!
Through DraftMe, over a year and a half more than a hundred footballers got to see clubs from Europe, Asia and Russia, and 14 of them signed professional contracts. Below is one example.
Trial camp price
✓Two-sided game
✓Information support 24/7
460 €
Agent's video address
DraftMe • DraftMe DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe • DraftMe
Football trials in Serbia. May 2021

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13-14 и 16-17 December
Trial camp at FC "Henstedt" and FC "Kurslak"

2 days trial camp for the clubs from 5th and 6th divisions
Saint Petersburg
21–23 December
Trials in Russia with scouts, coaches and football clubs

24–26 December
Trial camp at FC "Spaeri"
3 days trial camp for the club from 2th Georgian' divisions.

15–25 January
Trial camp at FC "Viterbese"

10 days trial camp in Italy

Online trials
In case you have the profile ready and you're confident in yourself