Become a professional soccer player
Preparation, review and selection of players for professional clubs
Many graduates of football academies simply did not have the opportunity to show themselves. Someone missed the tournament due to injury and scouts and agents did not see him, someone missed an important game because of a "thug" in the team, someone trained not with "their" coach and started growing late and unleashing their potential ... But the age of a football player is short, so now or never.

Our scouts give players direction for development or invite them to watch.
About us
Aleksey Maslov
Valery Nepomnyashchy
Head Coach
We are a scouting platform.
We connect football academy graduates and amateur footballers with interested professional football clubs.
All clubs always need young and talented players.
Why try
We do not promise an immediate viewing or a contract, but we guarantee that the player will be judged objectively by the video cut.
If a player is invited to an overseas viewing, then we help in organizing the trip and negotiating a contract.
Online selection
Download the profile to fill in with information about you and a link to one highlights video * of game episodes.
Choose the club in which you want to go through online viewing with the probability of receiving an invitation to offline viewing and pay for the online selection application.
Send the completed profile to the email and within two weeks you will receive a report from the scout with recommendations for development and, possibly, with an invitation to view the club.
30 Euro
* A profile without a link to a video cut of good quality game episodes will not be considered
** At the exchange rate on the day of purchase (the offer is valid until January 1, 2021)
Where do you want to go online viewing?
FC "Triglav"
Kranj, Slovenia
FC "Dukla"
Prague, Czech Republic
FC "Nikolaev"
Nikolaev, Ukraine
Football agency
Profile example
Name: Babunashvili Giorgi
Date of birth/Age: 11/11/1999 (21)
Place of birth: Kutaisi, Georgia
Citizenship: Russian Federation, Georgia
Height: 180cm
Weight: 74kg
Position: Left Defender / Left Midfielder
Foot: Left
Academy: "Trudovye Rezervy", "Inter-Alpha" Moscow, "Dolgoprudny»
Free agent: yes

Highlights video
Duration: up to 8 minutes
Recording quality: the player's number or face is clearly visible in each episode
Requirements for highlites video.
the scout has the right to refuse a report if the minimum video requirements are not met.
Funds are non-refundable, but you can send a good quality corrected thread that shows a player's face or number for free.

Show us that you're the best
How not to end up with football at 18
Our article is about what problems there are in qualifying for clubs in Russia now and how our project solves them
Production ball in training for DraftMe team
About our project, comments by Valery Nepomnyashchy and shots from the team's training
Watch broadcasts of matches with our team on Fridays in the Vasily Utkin tournament. Or become a member here.
DraftMe team streams in League F
Expert team
Sports psychologist
Coach for the mental preparation of the Russian national biathlon, curling team, Gazprom-Rusvelo. Graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Culture, MIP, NIB
Elizaveta Kozhevnikova
Goalkeeper coach of FC Ural, organizer of international coaching conferences
Head coach of the project
Head coach of the national team of Cameroon, FC Tom, Nike K11, FC Shanghai Shenhua and others
Valery Nepomnyashchy
Ex-sports director
FC "Anji-Junior", ex-sports director of the football school "Junior"
Ilya Shteblov
Coach of FC "Dukla" (Prague)
Doctor of the PFC CSKA Academy. Traumatologist-orthopedist, surgeon, physiotherapist, specialist
shock wave therapy, rehabilitation therapist
Artyom Dubinsky
Champion of Russia in football. Ex-player of the national team. Founder of the women's football departments of the Sports School "Znamya" (Noginsk) and the Sports School "Sokol" (Moscow)
Valentina Barkova
Physical fitness specialist
EXOS trainer, member of the EXOS Russia team
Mark Mazurov
Andrey Shpilev
Regional league scout
Sports school "Spartak-2", educational center "Master-Saturn", Candidate master of sports in mini-football

Dmitry Burobin
SDYUSSHOR Irtysh, Omsk, worked with ages 5-18. RFU B coaching license for youth
Konstantin Degtyarev
Mathematician, risk analyst
Sberbank, GTLK
Anatoly Ogay
Organizes views to Spanish clubs and transfers of players
Natalie Shchennikova
DraftMe South America Representative

Roman Nahorniuk
Goalkeeping coach of the project
Deputy General Director of "DraftMe", trainer and head of "Just4keepers academy"
Gleb Sochavo
Agent, scout
ProStar Agency
Taras Stretovich
FC "Nikolaev"
Andrey Lazarchuk
FC "Triglav"
FC «CD Acero»
Spain, Puerto de Sagunto
Project partners
FC «UD Alzira»
Spain, Alsira
FC «Pohang Steelers»
South Korea, Pohang
South Korea, Incheon
FC «Incheon United»
FC «Bucheon 1995»
South Korea, Bucheon
FC «Jeju United»
South Korea, Jeju
«Global generation of footballers»
«Andrey Shpilev»
«SA-Football agency»
FC «CD Roda Villareal»
Spain, Villarreal
FC «San Marcelino»
Spain, San Marcelino
FC «Patacona CF»
Spain, Valencia
FC «Paterna CF»
Spain, Paterna
FC «Levante UD»
Spain, Valencia
FC «CF San Jose»
Spain, Valencia
FC «Villarreal CF»
Spain, Villarreal
FC «Valencia CF»
Spain, Valencia
«Goalkeeping Development»
FC «Oshmyany-BSUFK»
Belarus, Ashmyany
FC «Triglav»
Slovenia, Kranj
for professional sports
FC «Rodina»
Moscow, Russia
FC "Dukla"
Prague, Czech Republic
FC "Nikolaev"
Nikolaev, Ukraine
Football agency
Still have questions?
What is DraftMe?
A project that brings together scouts and coaches to help you find an agent or club and sign a contract.
Do you seriously want to rate me on the video?
Yes. In conditions of closed borders, this becomes especially relevant. Scouts are ready to watch cuts to spot talent and invite them to live viewing.
Why should I trust you?
For many years we have watched how football screenings work. We took into account the experience of third-party drafts, listened to the players who could not find a club, clubs that do not have a budget for scouting, scouts, and agents themselves, and decided to create a transparent, professional territory, where if you did not get into the top nine because you were nervous you will have a second chance. And if you don't have the money to go to the Netherlands to watch, you can show yourself here and now online. Professionals will tell you what you are good at, where to develop, what strengths and weaknesses to work on.

To make the mechanism work, we invited our experts and co-authors of the selection methodology to the project. Trust them or not - it's up to you.
Why is viewing paid?
A large team of specialists and experts is working on the project to maintain objectivity and professionalism in the project, to monitor each player in a high-quality manner, to give deep feedback.
What are the guarantees that I will be objectively assessed by the video?
The scout of a club or agency is not his own enemy and is interested in finding talent. In addition, the scout is interested in the material being sent and there is plenty to choose from. Accordingly, the scout is interested in doing his job efficiently, which means that he is judged objectively.
What are the guarantees that scouts, agents, clubs will actually see me?
The list of partner clubs that are looking for players, understand the essence of our project and will look at our members, you can find on our website. The only way to get you on the team is to show you to the agent, scout, club.
I'm under 18, can I take part?
Yes, you can participate with the permission of your parents or guardians. We have agency partners who can help with the team regardless of age.
If I'm under 18, will scouts and agents look at me?
Yes. They will watch in the same way as those who are older, with an understanding of age characteristics.
If I don't have serious experience, will scouts and agents look at me?
Yes. That's why we are all gathered here. The task of the project is to find talents and help them realize themselves. Submit videos with assignments, impress the scouts and don't think that you don't have serious experience. Everybody once started with something.
Can I pay later when I sign the contract?
No. For the project to develop, and the team can view more players and help them find jobs, money is needed.
Is it possible to go through the views for free?
Yes, but not at the first stage. The sponsors and partners of the project will select several participants, whose expenses will be compensated for at the next stages.
How do I know if a club or agent is interested in me?
Immediately upon receipt of the report from the scout. After expressing interest from the club, we begin the negotiation process about the details of the trip.
Where can I send videos with completed assignments?
Full video of the matches is not required without an additional request from the scout. Only a link to the video cut to the email after payment.
If I am not chosen by scouts and agents, what will I get at the exit from the project?
No. You do not pay to be invited by an agent, but to go through the selection that we organized to show you to agents and scouts.
If I have an agent, but no club, can I participate in the viewing?
What other expenses will I incur besides the payment for participation in the selection?
Transfer, accommodation, meals are on your shoulders.
There is some good news. Our partners can choose players who will be covered for all the costs of participating in the viewing, even if you live in Kamchatka or in another country.
Can the girls?
Not yet. But we are working on it :)
About us
ФК «Триглав»
Словения, Крань
ФК «Триглав»
Словения, Крань
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