Trial camp at FC
If you want to signed a contract with a Germany club — its your chance. DraftMe organized 2 days trial camp for the club from 6th division.
Find quality players and make the squad stronger
Main reason?
05-06 or 07-08 February, 2022.
Two slots for two days of hard work.
City: Hamburg district, Germany
Join the club!
Who selects players?
The one who will work with them during the season - the head coaches of the club!

How to get to join?
Leave a request with your data and we will contact with you.
What's the role of DraftMe?
We are an experienced scouting platform that helps collect players for clubs from all over the world. We help the German club in this gathering in the search for candidates for strengthening.
No legionnaires limit
In case of successful selection, you will get:

- An invitation for a camp with the team at the end of January before the start of the second part of the season;
- Job from a club with a salary around 1000 euros;
- Recommendations and the possibility of trials in January / February in stronger leagues (5.4, divisions where there is an opportunity to earn bonuses from the club up to 1500k euros per month);

Our friend, Vernes Zalaks, out with the football in Germany
VfR Horst
Country: Germany
Division: 6

What club?
This is not football tourism!
Through DraftMe, over a year and a half more than a hundred players got trials at the clubs from Europe, Asia and Russia, and 14 of them signed professional contracts
The number of places in the trial is limited: max 12 football players
Trial camp price
✓ Training sessions
✓ Friendly game inside the club
✓ Accommodation
✓Transfer on the training
✓Information support 24/7
395 €
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Football trials in Serbia. May 2021

Choose the option that suits you

Trial camp at FC "Spaeri".
The club from 2th Georgian' divisions.
Trials in Russia with scouts, coaches and football clubs

In case you have the profile ready and you're confident in yourself